Budget & Finance Tools

These tools can help you determine your projected cost of living in a particular area, calculate your monthly mortgage payments and track interest rates. You may be surprised to learn how far your dollars will go in a Pulte home.

Cost of Living

Compare the cost of living in various locations.

Home Appreciation

This may be the best time to buy or sell your home.

Mortgage Calculator

Discover your buying power and calculate monthly payments.

Interest Rates

Take advantage of the lowest current interest rates.

Buying New vs. Buying Used

Imagine a bathroom that's never been used, cabinet doors that don't stick, handles you don't need to jiggle: everything brand new for you. These are just some of the advantages of buying a new Pulte home rather than buying an existing house that has been designed and decorated for someone else and may need repairs.

Buying New vs Buying Used

Buying vs. Renting

Did you know that you could own a home for not much more than you’re paying in rent? You’d also be eligible for tax benefits that are unavailable to renters. Ownership means you can finally do things your way, like paint the walls any color you wish. But more importantly, you can establish roots in a community with room for you and your family to grow.

comparing differences between new vs renting

Consult with the Experts

As you aspire to move up, take advantage of a free consultation with a Pulte Mortgage Financing Advisor. They can answer your questions and get you started on the path to owning your dream home.

Talk to a Pulte Mortgage Financing Advisor.